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About Us

The National Centre for Culture and Arts (NCCA) of King Hussein Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that was established in 1987 by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein. Its aim is the incorporation of performing arts in all levels of education in order to promote creativity, humanitarian values, and cross-cultural understanding; to enhance cultural enrichment; and to bring about social change. Since then, the NCCA has been at the forefront of the development of theater and dance in Jordan and in the region. Its activities and programs reach out to an audience of approximately 37,000 persons annually.

Since 2004, the NCCA has been a full member representing the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ) in Jordan, and in 2009 the centre became the representative of theJordanian Chapter of The International Theater Institute (ITI) – UNESCO, Paris and in the same year NCCA became a founding member of the EuromedInCulture(s) Network.

In 2013 the NCCA has been appointed by UNFPA to act as the Regional Centre of Excellence on Theater Based Peer Education Training; Accredited by ITI- UNESCO.

NCCA has brought theatre and dance into the lives of countless Jordanians. Accredited by the Ministry of Education in Jordan, it provides professional training courses for children & youth in theatre, using the curriculum of the John F. Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington-DC. It also provides ballet training, which is accredited by The Royal Academy of Dance-UK, in addition to the training in contemporary and folk dance and houses MISK Dance Company that performs a variety of artistic genres locally & internationally.

The centre organizes the International Arab Youth Congress annually which was initiated by Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Husseinin 1980. It also hosts the annual Amman Contemporary Dance Festival, which falls within the Masahat Dance Network that includes Lebanon, Syria and Palestine.

The NCCA houses the National Interactive Theater Troupe (NITT) which was established in 1989, and produces plays dealing with contemporary social issues and focusing on audience participation, utilizing a combination of Theater –In-Education methodology and Augusto Boals’ Forum Theater Technique. ITT has extensive experience in presenting controversial social issues utilizing the interactive theatre methodology and has produced various plays including domestic violence and violence against women, honour crimes, peaceful conflict resolution skills, cultural diversity, reproductive health and human rights. NITT tours extensively in Jordan reaching remote areas and villages and participates in local, regional and international festivals.

The NCCA has also established a credible network over the past 25 years with various civil society organizations, public and private universities and the public and private sector and has been implementing programs as part of national initiatives and national awareness campaigns. The NCCA utilizes the performing arts innovatively for social development in addition to capacity building projects aimed particularly at youth and women.

The NCCA receives support from King Hussein Foundation and Noor Al Hussein Foundation outreach programs that are active in the Kingdom.

The NCCA dance and theater troupes produce a number of joint productions including musicals, theater and dance performances, and TV documentaries. One of their major productions was the musical "Petra Rocks," which tells the story of the Arab Nabateans and highlight their lifestyles, values and distinguished culture.

The NCCA has also established a wide network with various regional and international organizations and is actively engaged in promoting cross-cultural understanding by conducting comprehensive cultural exchange programs and co-productions in theater and dance. Amongst these are the musical "Walking the Winds: Arabian Tales,” which was co-produced with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC, and "Fusion,” a Jordanian-Finnish choreographic interchange co-produced by NCCA and the Finnish Mime Center. The latter was performed in Jordan, Syria and the United Arab Emirates. In 2013 NCCA and Siljeholm/Christophersen- Norway coproduced a multimedia performance for young people entitled "Valley of the moon”.

The centre conducts regular training courses for teachers, artists and cultural institutions both locally and regionally, educating them on interactive theater, drama in education, communication skills, and capacity-building for art and cultural organizations.

The NCCA has received numerous local and international awards: the international prize "Grozdanin Kikot" for the contribution to the Development of Drama Education, from the Mostar Youth Theater in Bosnia and Herzegovina; the Award for Unique Outstanding Services offered to Arab Children, from the "Higher Council for Children”, United Arab Emirate 1997;

the silver Award for the Musical play "Madinat Assawsana,” from the Cairo International Television and Radio Festival 1997; the Jordanian Ministry of Culture Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance (Folklore) – 2007; and the Jordan Tourism Board Award for Outstanding Performance and Contribution to Tourism in Jordan for the Musical Play "Petra Rocks” in 2009.